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4 Restaurants in Kota Kinabalu to Fit Any Occasion

Different occasions call for different places to wine and dine. Whether you’re looking to spend time with your family or just looking for a place to chill with your mates, we’ve got you covered with these 4 amazing eateries in Kota Kinabalu.

The Beer Factory

Sometimes, all you need is a pint or two with an orange-purple sunset to end a long day of exploring. I know, sounds too good to be true... but what if it’s not and that you could get this at The Beer Factory? 

Photo: Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

Located right by the waterfront, The Beer Factory is the place to watch KK’s famous sunset in all its multi-coloured glory, especially with a cool glass of beer to ward off the tropical heat. And if you thought the party stops there, then you thought wrong!

Photo: Beer Factory Dance

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

What makes The Beer Factory stand out from the rest of the outlets on the waterfront strip is the daily traditional performances that happens right before and right after sunset hours. The D’Stage Dancers are the talented crew that performs from 5pm to 7pm every day, starting off the first set with a Suluk and Bajau dance. Their second set is where the mood really comes alive as they perform the Sumazau Penampang and Murut Magunatip Bamboo dance together with a blowpipe routine. 

A heads up: if you’re called to take part in the blowpipe routine, be a good sport and participate because if you managed to hit a balloon with the blowpipe, you’re rewarded with a traditional Sabahan drink! And local Sabahan drinks happen to be quite delicious – so delicious it’ll have you wanting more! 

Photo: Beer Factory Lamb Steak, Pizza, and Burger

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

And of course, though The Beer Factory may be known for their beer they also offer amazing eats. Their Lamb and Beef Burger come sizzling hot with a side of fries and coleslaw, so eat up while it’s hot as that’s when the juiciness is at its peak. Their Pepperoni Pizza is also a favourite of ours as it bursts with flavour and we can’t forget their Lamb Steak, best eaten right when it’s served. 

Photo: Beer Factory Food Cocktails, Waterfront

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

When the night falls, you can’t go without a cocktail in hand. For those who love fruit-flavoured cocktails, then the Ro-Sey Lychee Martini should be your pick as the lychee truly is the main star. If you’re looking for something to ward off the scorching heat, then we must recommend the Asam Boi Margarita. What’s Asam Boi, you ask? It’s a dried, preserved plum that is well-loved amongst the locals; add it to a chilled cocktail and you’ve got yourself the perfect drink to stave off the heat. But if you’re looking for something familiar yet well-loved, then you can’t go wrong with a Cosmopolitan, especially when that vodka licks the back of your throat. 

Website: Instagram l Facebook

Opening Hours: Opens Daily from 4pm to 2 am 

Address: Lot 11 Kota Kinabalu Waterfront, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 

Phone: 011 – 2898 9866 

Morganfield’s (Non-Halal)

Photo: Morganfield's Imago

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

Meat lovers, it’s time to rejoice! If you’re looking for the best meat in town, Morganfield’s has it. Situated in the trendy Aramaiti Walk in Imago, you need to pay this restaurant a visit if you want good, tasty food. Marinating their pork meat and slow cooking it for hours makes the meat fall right off the bones. Perfect for families and friends to gather and have a satisfying meal together, Morganfield’s is a great place to bond and catch up. 

Photo: Morganfield's Ribs and Fries

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

You can’t go wrong with the Captain’s Catch, which comes complete with beer battered fish fillets, spicy devil and herby hog sausages, a huge slab of spareribs with a garlicky BBQ sauce, crispy fries, and garden salad to balance out the richness. As much as you would like to devour it all by yourself, we recommend sharing with a friend or two. 

Hungry but seeking something lighter on your tummy? Then their Clams Vongole should be on your list as it is cooked with fresh clams doused in creamy goodness. 

Photo: Morganfield's Baby Back Ribs

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

Photo: Morganfield's Grilled Baby Squid

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

If you’re still feeling a bit peckish, we recommend their side dishes with the Balinese Style Baby Back Ribs being a fixed favourite of ours. Of course, their Baby Octopus and Grilled Chicken Yakitory are also pretty darn good. 

Photo: Morganfield's Chilled Tea

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

Don’t forget to order their Coffee on the Rocks for that extra shot of caffeine or wash it all down with either a warm, refreshing Fruit Tea or a cooling Raspberry or Mango Southern Fruit Tea

Website: Official l Instagram l Facebook

Opening Hours: Opens Daily from 11am to 1am 

Address: Lot G102 Ground Floor (Aramaiti Walk), KK Times Square Phase 2, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 

Phone: 088 – 274 281 

One Roof Café

Nothing says great bonding with the whole family than at a restaurant serving good eats and good coffee. 

Photo: One Roof Cafe Cappucino

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

The founder of One Roof Café, Alex and his partner, Li Ling, prefers One Roof to be known to the public as a coffee house rather than a café. Taken from the Chinese proverb, ‘We take care of each other under one roof’, One Roof Café cares for everyone who enters their restaurant and makes them feel right at home by serving delicious food and refreshing drinks. Its minimal design hopes to ensure customers are not distracted when eating, showing their dedication to serving good food and drinks. 

Photo: One Roof Cafe Big Breakfast

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

If you’re coming in for breakfast with the family, ordering their One Roof Style Big Breakfast is a great choice. You can get a satisfying breakfast with scrambled eggs, chicken mushroom sausages, mixed mushrooms, hash browns, a whole lotta greens, and we can go on and on! If this sounds a bit too much, then opt for the Classic Breakfast which is a lighter version of the Big Breakfast. 

Want to try a local twist for breakfast instead? If you can handle the spice and the slightly pungent smell, then let the Croissant Sambal Sandwich blow your mind! With their special sambal sauce and sliced tomato and cucumber stuffed between sliced fresh croissant, it’s guaranteed to be a new favourite of yours 

Photo: One Roof Cafe Kimchi Seafood Fried Rice

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

A lover of Korean food? Well, so are we! One Roof Café offers a selection of Korean inspired dishes perfectly fused with local flavours. We recommend their delicious Teriyaki Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice and Seafood White Sauce with Kimchi Fried Rice, perfect for Sunday brunch with the family. 

Photo: One Roof Cafe Nutriplus Omega Korean Egg Mayo

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

The Nutriplus Omega Korean Egg Mayo is also a great option as they use organic eggs in their recipe, drenched in their in-house Korean sesame mayo sauce, tomato jam, roasted sesame, and topped with seaweed flakes! If you want to play it safe, then try out their Carbonara, which comes with onsen egg topped with parmesan cheese and a choice of either sliced chicken or beef bacon. It’s bound to be a favourite with the kids! 

Photo: One Roof Cafe Kopi Ping

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

For drinks, you’ll be spoilt for choice! For that shot of caffeine, parents will love the Kopi Ping series, made with specialty coffee beans infused with the beloved local taste. The Sisili Coffee and Iced Coffee Warm Latte are also great options for those with a more refined palate. And if you’re more of a tea person, then nothing can go wrong with a cup of Matcha Latte.  

Photo: One Room Cafe Avocado Gula Melaka

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

When it comes to the little ones, they are going to love the Avocado Gula Melaka. Just remember to let the friendly staff know to not include the espresso shot and you’re good to go!

Website: Instagram l Facebook

Opening Hours: Opens Daily from 10am to 10pm 

Address: Lucky 11 Hotel, GF & 1F, 25, Jalan Pantai, KK City (opposite OCBC Bank) 

Phone: 088 - 213 458 (for reservation purposes) 

Seoul Garden

There is truly no better place to go on an outing with friends than to a hotpot restaurant. When it comes to Seoul Garden and its array of choices, there is plenty to go around! 

Photo: Seoul Garden, Imago

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

Their Imago branch offers a buffet spread of everything you can imagine, from coffee flavoured beef for the adventurous and fresh seafood to signature Korean dishes beloved by all such as kimchi, kkakdugi (fermented radish cubes) and the famous Korean street food, tteokbokki

Photo: Seoul Garden Seafood

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

But of course, it’s not just limited to these few choices because when dining in their Imago branch, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the different varieties of meat, fresh seafood, and vegetables on offer. 

Photo: Seoul Garden Food

Credit: Dane Kovacs | Instagram

Once you’ve sat down in one of the booths, two steaming hot pots of spicy tom yum and savoury ginseng broth is at the ready. Take your pick of the two and place vegetables and meats in if you want it nice and steaming hot. But if you and your friends are fans of meat and seafood, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a heated grill placed between the two steaming broths. 

When there is a grill, then meat is definitely on the list! Stock up on the lettuce leavesgarlic cloves, and the variety of sauces they have on offer when browsing the buffet spread. Wrap it all up with your meat or seafood of choice and dig in! 

Website: Official l Instagram l Facebook

Opening Hours: Opens Daily from 11:30am to 10:30pm 

Address: Unit G95 & G96, Imago Shopping Mall, Coastal Highway, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 

Phone: 088 – 275 185