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13 Child-Friendly Places in Kota Kinabalu

Families love Kota Kinabalu, a vibrant city in the northwest of Borneo, Malaysia. This tourist destination is known for its beautiful scenery, unique culture, and friendly people. Kota Kinabalu is perfect for families with young children due to its many kid-friendly attractions, beautiful beaches, and cultural attractions. Here are Kota Kinabalu's top 15 family-friendly attractions.

1.Hoola Hoop Cafe

Cafe Hoola is the perfect hangout place for the whole family, offering a delightful experience for everyone. The spacious play area is specifically designed for kiddies, equipped with interactive toys that are suitable for young tots, ensuring endless fun and entertainment. When it comes to dining, the extensive menu caters to all tastes, with a variety of canapes and all-day breakfast options to choose from. Moreover, students presenting a valid student ID can take advantage of the group study promo. The well-kept and well-lit diner creates a welcoming ambience, making it an ideal destination for families of all ages to relax and enjoy quality time together.


This family-friendly café is renowned for its delectable coffee and snacks, as well as its simple yet nutritious meals, perfect for families on the go. The restaurant offers easy access from the main road and features high fences for added safety. The relaxing ambiance is an additional advantage.

3.Green Cottage

This charming little cottage is a wonderful place to take kids for a fun day out. It offers an alfresco dining experience surrounded by nature, with many herbs, vegetables, and flowers adorning the restaurant. The host lovingly tends to these beautiful plants. Additionally, there are small pathways for little feet to release their energy, as well as a viewing platform that provides a bird's-eye view of the surroundings.

4.Lucy Kitchen

This restaurant is a great place to take kids for a taste of local cuisine. They offer a diverse selection of Malaysian dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. The restaurant has three branches conveniently located at Tanjung Aru, Imago Mall, and Metrotown. Additionally, they provide catering services and event spaces for themed birthday parties.This restaurant is a great place to take kids for a taste of local cuisine. 

5.Petrosains Playsmart

Petrosains PlaySmart Kota Kinabalu is a science discovery centre and it is designed for childrens! This science museum is a great place for kids to learn about science and technology. It features interactive exhibits and activities that are both fun and educational. Some of the exhibits include a human body scanner, a virtual reality game, and a wind tunnel. The centre also offers a variety of workshops and programs for children of all ages.

6.Riverson-The Walk

Riverson - The Walk has been hosting numerous open market events on the regular. These vibrant markets feature vendors offering a wide array of artisanal products, catering to moms and the entire family. Inside, Riverson also houses a plethora of shops and boutiques, ensuring a delightful shopping experience. Additionally, there are various food and beverage outlets available to satisfy any craving. What sets Riverson - The Walk apart is its perfect balance, providing a great place to bring your children on a day out in the city without being overly crowded.

7.Sabah State Museum

The Sabah Museum is a great place to visit with children. It is a large museum with a variety of exhibits that cover the history, culture, and natural history of Sabah. The exhibits are well-curated and informative, and they are sure to interest children of all ages. The museum also has a number of interactive exhibits that allow children to learn by doing. In addition, the museum offers a variety of educational programs for children, making it a great place to learn about Sabah and its culture.

8.Shank Junkies

Shank Junkies offers an indoor golf simulation that provides a fantastic activity for the whole family. No need to worry about getting wet from the rain or getting sunburnt on a hot day, as this indoor facility allows for a comfortable experience. Even if you're not familiar with golf, the attentive staff members are there to teach and guide both kids and adults. With just one swing, you can get in on the action and enjoy a fun-filled time together. Shank Junkies is the perfect activity for the whole family, offering entertainment and excitement for everyone involved.

9.Marks Baba Pet Cafe

This one-of-a-kind café allows children to engage with a wide variety of friendly animals, including ducks, owls, chinchillas, prairie dogs, and bearded dragons. Furthermore, they serve delectable cuisine and beverages that are sure to please both children and adults.

10.Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is a 280-acre zoo located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. It is home to over 1,000 animals, including tigers, elephants, monkeys, birds, and reptiles. The park is divided into two sections: the zoological side and the botanical side. The zoological side houses the animals, while the botanical side features a rainforest garden and a walking trail. This is a great place for childrens to see and learn about endangered and protected species in Sabah.

11. The Cube

This robot themed playground in Likas is a great place for kids to play and have fun. It features a variety of attractions that are sure to keep kids entertained. Explore different game corners, huge Transformers statue and the autobot interactive live show. To wrap up the day, grab some ice creams or chill refreshing drinks at the mini mart inside this playground!

12.Harvest Fish & Pet

Harvest Fish & Pet is a wonderland for curious kids! Children can experience physical interactions with adorable guinea pigs, playful pups, and even chatty parrots. This massive pet shop also offers mesmerizing fish tanks with a vibrant underwater marine life. It's definitely the perfect place for children to learn about different species of animals.

13.Arnab Village

At this rabbit themed park, children can enjoy seeing rabbits running freely on the ground, petting and feeding them too! But this is not all, within this large village is also several themed gardens with striking statues for photo taking. Not only that, this attraction offers cafes that can serve up delightful meals for the hungry tots. Families can easily spend many hours of pure fun and enjoyment there.

14.Sably Goat Haven

Taking kids to this small farm is an excellent way for them to learn about different goat species and their care. The farm provides interactive activities that ensure everyone remains engaged and avoids boredom, along with ample opportunities for taking memorable photos. Additionally, they offer a selection of healthy and delicious goat milk products.

In conclusion, Kota Kinabalu has many kid-friendly places that are perfect for families with young children. From playgrounds and petting zoos to science museums and wildlife parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a local or a tourist, these top 14 kid-friendly places in Kota Kinabalu are sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family.