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North Borneo Rainforest Festival

Where Art, Culture & Environment Preservation Come Together

Watch out for the first North Borneo Rainforest Festival (NBRF) that will take place from 2nd – 3rd November this year.

This festival be held at Heritage Cultural Village, Sabah Museum and is set to attract over 10,000 festival-goers. Sabah, ‘The Land Below the Wind’ is home to the oldest rainforests in the world; this inspires NBRF to build a platform to start a discussion on environment preservation. This family-friendly festival will also be platform to showcase local talents such as Atmosfera, Canang Buskers, Bamboo Band, Tree My Music, Avery Fos and many others. Amy Dangin will represent NBRF as the emcee for the 2 days event.

Exhibitors include World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pangrok Sulap, BENTARAKATA, Sabah Stargazers, Tanpa Sampah, Borneo Momogun Spice, Ropuhan Ditanak Wagu, Popupstairs, Tree House, Anonymous for the Voiceless and many more. There will be movie screenings, talks and workshops carried out independently by exhibitors with topics focused on environment preservation.

North Borneo Rainforest Festival eyes to be a platform to bring together environmentalist activists from the interiors of North Borneo as well as around the globe to discuss issues and ways to combat global warming. Other than exhibitors, vendors will showcase local crafts, artisan works and street food.


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Photos credit: North Borneo Rainforest Festival