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Save the Ocean this International Coastal Cleanup Day!

The ocean is crucial to the survival of every living being and it’s our duty to ensure the ocean and its inhabitants are protected. Sabah, located at the tip of Borneo island, is mostly surrounded by sea and it is important for us to protect our seas.

Starting on 21st September 2019, International Coastal Cleanup Day first started to raise awareness about the issues of marine debris. Beginning more than 30 years ago, global communities worked together to collect and document trash on coastlines, with the purpose of identifying and eliminating waste in the ocean.

In conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup Day, SeaTango are proud to announce that they’ll be organising a beach and ocean cleanup on 19th October, 2019! By joining the cleanup, you’ll be part of a global community working together to ensure the future of our ocean. You'll also get to meet enthusiasts from all over the world!

Interested in joining? Visit Seatango Project Aware 2019 to register! The cleanup will be in conjunction with SeaTango’s involvement with Project Aware, a global movement powered by individuals passionate about protecting the ocean. Non-divers need only pay RM50 with snorkelling and divers only pay RM100 with diving. Proceeds will be given to Project Aware to further ensure the bright future of the ocean and the marine life calling the seas home.

If you’re passionate about saving the ocean as we are, then come aboard with SeaTango this October!