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SabahTravel Founder Kenji Yeo Shares Tourism Industry Trends at SEAC Meet & Greet

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Kenji Yeo, founder of, recently talked about Sabah's tourism at a meeting with the Sabah Economic Advisory Council (SEAC).

Over 100 young and accomplished entrepreneurs from diverse sectors in Sabah, including tourism, architecture, construction, healthcare, agriculture, and renewable energy, gathered on 17th January 2024, Wednesday. They convened for a Meet and Greet Dialogue Session organized by the Sabah Economic Advisory Council (SEAC). The event, held at Menara Kinabalu, served as a platform for discussions on propelling Sabah and its industries forward.

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Kenji Yeo, founder of, is one of the industry young leaders affiliated with Sabah Young Business and Industry Leaders (SYBIL). He highlighted the importance of a consolidated platform like to streamline travel-related bookings for visitors to Sabah. The platform, which involves an investment of over RM9 million over four years, aims to expose Sabah's tour and service operators to the global market.

Ar. James Wong (left) and Datuk John Lo (right). Photo Credits: Daily Express

Empowering Sabah's Future Leaders for Economic Transformation

Datuk John Lo, a member of SEAC, highlighted the importance of developing policies to nurture young Sabahan economic leaders who can play a vital role in implementing the government's long-term plans.

Recognizing the need to empower young leaders, Sabah Young Business and Industry Leaders (SYBIL) was established. SYBIL provides a platform for young leaders to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. Ar. James Wong Kein Peng, the leader of SYBIL, emphasized the importance of such a platform in giving young leaders a voice and helping them contribute to Sabah's economic development.

In this digital age, innovations like become vital for progress. Kenji's initiative addresses the need for a unified platform in Sabah, streamlining travel arrangements for travellers.

Empowering Cross-Industry Collaboration for Shared Success

Kenji sees SYBIL as a valuable platform for understanding other industries and exchanging data and research findings. He believes that collaboration between different sectors is essential for tackling challenges and achieving shared success. acts as a groundbreaking B2B2C platform, offering global exposure to local tour and service operators. Embracing this digital strategy, akin to a 'Shopee for tourism' enhances competitiveness in industries, ensuring consistent growth and contributing to the development of a smart economy.

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Kenji emphasised's collaborative nature and shared, "It is a platform that allows all operators, even our competitors and tourism-related businesses, to put their products on the website."

Beyond being a mere conversation, the SEAC session ignited a surge of collaboration. Under SYBIL's leadership, emerging entrepreneurs like Kenji are coming together, closing the divide between new ideas and government initiatives. This unified effort sets the stage for a Sabah that is resilient for the future, fostering innovation and flourishing prosperity.