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11 Kundasang Hotels & Homestays with Mount Kinabalu View

Kundasang is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque holiday destinations in Sabah and Malaysia. It is famously known for the refreshing cool air, stunning views of Mount Kinabalu, and numerous tourist hotspots, making it an ideal destination for both locals and travellers seeking a relaxing getaway. 

If you are planning a trip to Kundasang anytime soon, you are in luck because SabahTravel has compiled a comprehensive list of the best hotels and homestays you can find here. From cosy and comfortable budget homestays to luxurious lodges for an extravagant Kundasang holiday, we have something for everyone!  

Check this out for our top picks for accommodations in Kundasang!

Koupusan Homestay (from RM30/night)

In the Dusun language, "koupusan" means "beloved", which fits the homestay perfectly. It is a comfortable accommodation with beautiful views of the mountainside—you will surely fall in love with it as soon as you step inside.  

Koupusan Homestay is near several popular locations in Kundasang, including Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilou Highland Strawberry Farm, and Kundasang War Memorial. This makes it the best place for those looking for budget accommodation close by. 

If you prefer to rough it out, you can also stay in a camp, which can fit up to 3 people at a time. If you opt for camping, get ready for a stunning night sky filled with glittering stars! 

Book Koupusan Homestay here!

Lily Cottage and Kitchen (From RM70/night)

People come to Kundasang for a variety of reasons, and one of them is to climb the majestic Mount Kinabalu. If you are in this category, Lily Cottage and Kitchen should be your choice of budget accommodation.  

Lily Cottage and Kitchen is located less than 5 minutes from Kinabalu Park, making it the top pick for mountain climbers. And thanks to its different room selections, it can accommodate both solo travellers and bigger groups. 

If you are hungry for delicious grubs, their kitchen offers a wide selection of local cuisines (their Smoked Chicken Soup is to die for!). And for Mount Kinabalu climbers, the kitchen can also provide a packed lunch for your journey up the mountain. 

Ren-Hana Kampungstay (From RM88/night)

If you plan to have a budget Kundasang stay with a big group, Ren-Hana Kampungstay is the one for you.  

Their Begonia unit can accommodate up to 7 pax—it comes with two rooms, including an ensuite bathroom. You will have access to the pantry and living room, providing comfort like you never left home. For those who prefer other budget options, they have different rooms that can fit up to 3 pax. 

Ren-Hana's main highlight would be the shared balcony, which provides a refreshing view of Kundasang town—just imagine sitting there with a hot cup of tea at dawn or sunset to enjoy the stunning scenery!

Book Ren-Hana Kampungstay here!

Nabalu Kundasang Lodge (From RM 150/night)

If there is one phrase to describe Nabalu Kundasang Lodge, it would be "comfort and convenience".  

The accommodation is just minutes from Kundasang township, allowing easy access to the War Memorial, restaurants, and stalls selling local produce. 

As for the accommodation itself, the rooms are cosy, and you will get a front-seat view of Mount Kinabalu from the restaurant. If you prefer to stay somewhere close to the town and the nearby tourist hotspots, we highly recommend Nabalu Kundasang Lodge! 

Book Nabalu Kundasang Lodge here!

The Pastel House (From RM150/night)

If you are holidaying at Kundasang with a bigger group, The Pastel House should be at the top of your list.  

Each of the units here can accommodate at least 6-7 pax, which makes it perfect for families or if you are going here on a company trip. There is also an option for a bigger unit that can fit more should you have bigger groups. Their facilities include a kitchen with a fridge and BBQ equipment, suitable for evening cookouts with Kundasang cool and comfy atmosphere. 

In terms of location, many of Kundasang's hotspots are only minutes away from the homestay, including Desa Dairy Farm and Kundasang War Memorial, making it one of the most strategic accommodations if you visit Kundasang for the first time. 

D'masanog Gardenstay & Camping (From RM200/night)

Located in Bundu Tuhan, D'masanog Gardenstay & Camping might be a bit farther away from Kundasang and the famous places, but the Mountain Kinabalu view is just as good, if not better! 

Most people come here with their family for camping. However, there are also rooms with mountain-facing balconies for the amazing view you will get in the morning. 

If you are bringing kids, they will have a blast here thanks to the big swimming pool! So, splash away and enjoy the stunning mountain scenery!

Kinabalu Pine Resort (From RM225/night)

This multi-award-winning resort is one of the top choices for many travellers visiting Kundasang and Ranau for good reasons! 

As soon as you step into Kinabalu Pine Resort, you will get an incredible view of Mount Kinabalu. In fact, all of the cabins have open porches that face Mount Kinabalu! So, you will get an unobstructed view of the mountain regardless of which room you book. As for the location, the resort is conveniently located just a few minutes' drive from the town and other holiday destinations, making it the perfect choice for people who want to experience everything in Kundasang and Ranau. 

Another highlight of Kinabalu Pine Resort is its multipurpose hall. With a maximum capacity of 150 people, you can host seminars, meetings, or even an intimate party with your loved ones.  

Book Kinabalu Pine Resort here!

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges at Kinabalu Park (From RM350/night) 

If you are planning to stay inside Kinabalu Park, there is only one option: Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. 

There are plenty of accommodation options you can choose from, including Hill Lodge, Nepenthes Suite, Nepenthes Villa, and Peak Lodge—all come with their own charms and perks. But most importantly, you will be surrounded by the lush nature you can only experience at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

If you want to live in luxury while you are in Kinabalu Park, we recommend staying at Rajah Lodge. With a size of 4,564 sqft, this 3-bedroom premium accommodation comes with a jacuzzi, sauna, and personal butler to prepare breakfast for you! 

Book Sutera Sanctuary Lodges here!

Alpero's Villa (From RM390/night)

Nestled among the rolling hills of Kundasang, Alpero's Villa is a picturesque villa that offers breathtaking views of Mount Kinabalu. From the moment you arrive, you will be awestruck by the modern glass house inspired by A-frame cabin designs.  

The villa consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a balcony with a breathtaking mountain view. In addition to its comfortable rooms, Alpero's Villa also boasts a range of facilities to keep you satisfied and entertained, including a karaoke set, electric grill BBQ, and steamboat set.  

Gathering Village (From RM598/night)

With a maximum capacity of 25 pax, your dream Kundasang staycation cannot get any bigger than this! 

Located near the Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, Gathering Village boasts five different types of accommodation, all provide comfortable amenities for a relaxing stay. Surrounded by pine trees and lush vegetation, you will feel like you are transported into a magical wonderland!  

BBQ facilities are also provided here, so it is the best place for grilling chicken wings while indulging in the beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu. 

Book Gathering Village here!

Lokky Mountain High Homestay Kundasang (From RM1,780/night)

For those who prefer a more luxurious Kundasang stay, Lokky Mountain High Homestay Kundasang is your answer! 

Located near the Mesilau Highland Strawberry Farm, you will experience a comfortable and lavish stay like no other. Since it is located farther towards the highlands, you will get more privacy and quietness compared to other accommodations near Kundasang town. 

One of the highlights of Lokky is the sheer size—it can hold up to 18 pax, making it highly suitable for big groups and gatherings. Basic kitchen utensils and BBQ equipment are provided, so you are covered if you are planning an intimate cookout with your family and friends during the holidays. 

Book Lokky Mountain High Homestay Kundasang here!

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