Things To Do in Kundasang (2024)

Kundasang, which is located in Malaysian Borneo, is a popular destination for leisure travellers. The town is found in the state of Sabah, at the foot of Mount Kinabalu - Malaysia’s tallest mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nevertheless, Kundasang has managed to build a reputation of its own and attracts thousands of tourists all year round. It is a destination that is perfect for anyone looking for stunning scenery, culture, history, and unique Malaysian delicacies.

What To Do in Kundasang

Climb Mount Kinabalu

Adventurous travellers need to place climbing Mount Kinabalu at the top of their list of things to do in Kundasang! The mountain - which is the utmost peak within the southeast part of Asia - is breathtaking at first glance and worth conquering for many adventure lovers. Trekkers will take at least two days to get up the mountain and is considered a moderate climb. If you have no experience in trekking then it would be highly recommended to train yourself before climbing Mount Kinabalu.

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Explore Desa Dairy Farm

The lush greenery and herds of cattle seen at Desa Dairy Farm, also dubbed as "The Little New Zealand" of Sabah, has become very popular among tourists visiting Kundasang - especially families with kids. The farm covers more than 200 hectares and produces fresh milk and cheese from its herd of black and white cows. Visitors to the farm can expect a day full of fun and knowledgeable facts on the processing of fresh milk.

During your visit, tourists can feed baby farm animals like cows and goats with bottled milk and grass as they take in scenic views of the expansive farm and Mount Kinabalu. And of course, you must stop by the shop to purchase some freshly-made yoghurt ice cream, cheese and milk.

[Update] Desa Dairy Farm is now reopened and requires online booking to reserve a slot. Daily slots are limited and walk-in visitors are not allowed, so make sure to book ahead at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm (Admission Ticket)!

Some travel packages that include Desa Dairy Farm
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Go Paragliding with a Scenic Backdrop of Mount Kinabalu

This is a must-do thing whenever you're in Kundasang or Ranau! Elevate your sightseeing experience with an unforgettable paragliding adventure at Lohan Village, Ranau! Imagine yourself soaring like an eagle, enveloped by breathtaking landscapes of lush greenery, pristine rivers, and majestic mountain ranges. It's an adventurer's dream come true to glide through the air, capturing a magnificent bird’s eye view of the stunning surroundings of Kundasang and Ranau. Plus, with an experienced tandem pilot by your side, your safety is assured, allowing you to fully immerse in the thrill and beauty of the moment. Don't miss this exhilarating opportunity to witness nature's grandeur from a perspective few ever do.

Here are some paragliding packages near Kundasang
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Ride an ATV through Kundasang 

An adventurous, fun-filled, and action-packed ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) ride with Mount Kinabalu as your backdrop. This is an alternative fun way to see the sights around Sabah's favourite destination you may miss out on when travelling the conventional way by car or van. 

Try out this ATV Adventure At Mount Kinabalu where you can choose between the Earthquake Historical Site or Desa Dairy Farm Route

Visit Sably Goat Haven

Go to Ranau to meet the friendly goats at Sably Goat Haven, where you can get the freshest goat milk. Bring your kids and let them play, feed, and milk the baby goats, or try milking the goats for a fun learning experience you can't get anywhere else. After you're done, you can relax with a sip of their fresh and nourishing goat milk or walk over to the nearby café to try some of their other goat milk-based products.

Book a visit to Sably Goat Haven

Make a Pit-stop at Hooga Cafe / Visit Kundasang Farm Ville

The Red Bus from one of the newest attractions in Kundasang can easily be spotted from the roadside on your way to Desa Dairy Farm. Located only 3 kilometres from the dairy farm, Hooga Cafe is a nice and cosy restaurant suitable for lunch and dinner. It is connected to Kundasang Farm Ville, which is a great place for families with young kids or for couples. Apart from the many photo op locations in the Selfie Garden, Farm Ville grows hydroponic vegetables and strawberries that visitors can choose to harvest for a small fee. 

Take a Stroll through Spring Garden Kundasang

Located in Mesilou, Spring Garden boasts an array of beautiful flowers that bloom all year round. Visitors can enjoy the fantastic gardens and immaculate landscapes with amazing views of Mount Kinabalu. A great place to spend a quiet and relaxing time to soak up nature. If you’re up for a small hike to the river, there is a short trail that is easily doable.

Book a visit to Spring Garden Kundasang

Source: Farm Ville’s Facebook

Cuddle The Furry Alpacas

The Alpaca Club features adorable alpacas all the way from South America for visitors to interact with. Nestled in the foothills of Mesilou, the Alpaca Club is the first alpaca themed attraction in Sabah. Did you know that alpacas are the smallest members of the camel family? Visitors can get up close to these fluffy creatures and it is a great family-friendly activity in Kundasang that your kids will love! 

Visit Alpaca Club and many other attractions with Kundasang Highlight Leisure Family Tour

Soak Up the Goodness of Poring Hot Spring

A trip to Kundasang is never complete without visiting Poring Hot Spring. After a long day of walking and sightseeing, soaking your tired feet in natural springs can help to ease the tension while absorbing all of its health benefits. For those who need extra privacy, private indoor bathtubs are available for rent at MYR15 per hour (for standard bathtub) and MYR20 per hour (for deluxe bathtub).

Not only that, visitors can choose to go for a short trek and walk along the canopy treetop suspended bridge at a high of 60m above the ground. If you are lucky, you might even be able to spot the rare Rafflesia flower in full bloom.

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Sip Tea at the Sabah Tea Garden 

Sipping tea in a tranquil tea plantation is a great way to spend your day in Kundasang. The plantation is open from as early as 8:30 am giving visitors a chance to explore the vast gardens as part of their trip. They also get to taste different flavours of tea like lemongrass, cinnamon, geranium, ginger and pandan.

Additionally, you can book a tour of the factory to watch the process of making various teas from start to finish. Fortunately, entrance to the garden is free but the guided tour attracts an RM14 cost. After the tour, you can also stop by the cafe to sample their tea-infused cuisines such as Sabah Tea pancake, chicken soup, ice cream and many others.

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Have a Short Hike at Popular Trails in Kundasang

If you have a keen interest in climbing and hiking, Kundasang is the perfect place for you. Even if you don't have the time to climb Mount Kinabalu, you can still trek at some of these popular hiking spots in Kundasang, including Maragang Hill, Sosodikon Hill, Tinorindak Hill, Kimondou Hill, Lugas Hill and many others. These trails not only offer a good bit of exercise but also boasts an incredible view of the Kundasang highlands. Make sure to check out these 5 Best Hiking Trails and Its Nearby Attractions in Sabah.

Check out the 5 Best Hiking Trails and Nearby Attractions in Kundasang.

Here are some trekking packages at Kundasang
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Visit Kundasang War Memorial

Learning about the history of Kundasang is an excellent way of getting to know the local culture and its heritage. The best way to do so is by visiting the Kundasang War Memorial located right in the heart of the town.

The Kundasang War Memorial was set up in honour of the Australian and British prisoners of war who died during the infamous death marches from Sandakan to Ranau during the second World War. Additionally, the memorial honours the native population of Sabah who suffered and sacrificed their lives to aid Allied forces during this time. This is represented by the four peaceful gardens found throughout the memorial grounds.

The serenity the gardens exude serve as a place not just for walks but reflection and remembrance, to honour the heroes that gave their lives for our future.

Buy local snacks, handicrafts and souvenirs at Nabalu Handicraft Market

While en route to Kundasang, you might want to make a quick stop at the Nabalu Handicraft Market. Here you can find local snacks, crackers, delicious fruits such as the famous Tarap, pineapples and rambutan, as well as handmade bags and souvenirs at a great bargain.

Just 5 minutes walk from the street stalls, there is a viewing platform where you can catch a clear view of Mount Kinabalu standing majestically right in front of your eyes.

Try Sinalau Bakas, Smoked Wild Boar Meat (Non-Halal)

Making a trip up to Kundasang, visitors will be able to spot smoke from barbeque pits and signs on the stalls displaying “Sinalau Bakas”. In the local language, Sinalau Bakas translate to smoked wild boar - marinated wild boar meat smoked on an open barbeque pit. Sinalau Bakas is a traditional food for the Kadazandusun people of Sabah and they usually hunt for wild boars in the jungles near their villages. Some places serve wild boar soup too. Try it with “Linopot” - a traditional type of leaf-wrapped rice found in Sabah.


What to Eat in Kundasang

BW Bus Restaurant 小陈巴巴 (Muslim Friendly)

For a very unique dining experience, visitors get to eat inside antique buses that were converted into modern dining cafes serving delicious western food and good coffee.

Source: BW Bus’s Facebook

Restoran Puteri Nabalu (Muslim Friendly)

Puteri Nabalu serves Dusun/Kadazan cuisine. Among the many dishes available here are Pinarasakan Sada Takob-Takob, Om Sokok Bird Soup and Hinava Sada. Perhaps the name is a bit foreign to those who are not Sabahan? Try asking the servers about the local cuisine they serve - they will be more than happy to explain! You may be interested to try the Naig Totidong or Nasi Beras Bukit which is a form of mountain brown rice wrapped in the Tarap plant leaves. Unique and appetising!

Source: Foursquare

89 Station (Non-halal)

89 Station is located right after the Kinabalu National Park entrance, on the way to Kundasang town, right by the roadside. There are many choices of meat including pork, deer, ostrich and even seafood including fish and prawns. A value for money restaurant and highly recommended for those visiting the Kundasang area. Visitors can also try the fish maw soup and fried local mushroom dishes.


Where to Stay In Kundasang

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges at Kinabalu Park

Situated within the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Kinabalu Park, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges offers a wide variety of lodges suited to every kind of traveller from backpackers to families and large groups. Guests staying here will also be treated to an incredible view of Mount Kinabalu and quality amenities provided in every lodge, including comfortable beds, hot showers and complimentary tea/coffee.

Price: From MYR390
What you'll get: Comfortable beds, hot shower, complimentary tea/coffee and balcony. In some lodges, you'll also get living room, kitchenette and fireplace
Instant Book: Sutera Sanctuary Lodges at Kinabalu Park

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges' Garden Chalet offers premium accommodation catered for families and groups.

Kinabalu Pine Resort

Kinabalu Pine Resort, a 2-hour ride away from Kota Kinabalu, boasts a convenient location with a great view of Mount Kinabalu and valleys to boot. With a wide range of lodges to choose from, guests will get numerous room amenities including WiFi access, heated shower and balcony.

Price: MYR154 - MYR230 per night
What you'll get: Kinabalu Pine Resort stay, breakfast, mountain view & WiFi connection.
Instant Book: Kinabalu Pine Resort

Nabalu Lodge Kundasang

Strategically situated near to many tourist' hotspots, Nabalu Lodge Kundasang is a perfect place for families to stay after a day out full of fun activities in Kundasang. A stay in Nabalu Lodge Kundasang will let you enjoy a comfortable cosy bedroom at night and incredible views of Mount Kinabalu in the morning.

Price: From MYR90 per night
What you'll get: Stay at Nabalu Lodge Kundasang, breakfast, garden / mountain view & WiFi connection.
Instant Book: Nabalu Lodge Kundasang

Gathering Village

Whether it's for a family weekend gathering, birthday party or just a catch-up with friends, renting a chalet is always a good choice. Gathering Village offers you a cool and cosy place that can accommodate up to 10-25 pax, loaded with numerous amenities such as comfortable bedrooms, a fully functioning kitchen, private balcony, BBQ & steamboat facilities and a beautiful garden. On top of these facilities, you will also get an unobstructed view of Mount Kinabalu as well as a tranquil scenery of the surrounding greenery. Get comfortable just like a home away from home!

Price: From MYR598 per night
What you'll get: Chalet for 10-25 pax, 3-5 bedrooms, kitchen, steamboat and BBQ facility, private dining, balcony and living room.
Instant Book: Gathering Village

Lokky Mountain High Homestay Villa Kundasang

Lokky Mountain High Homestay Kundasang offers a luxurious stay with a mesmerising vistas of Sabah’s highland. Enjoy the tranquillity of Kundasang and the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu while relaxing in the comfort of the homestay. During the day, take the whole family to nearby attractions such as DESA Dairy Farm, Alpaca Club, and Mesilau Strawberry Farm. Take out the BBQ grill and steamboat pot at night for a cosy get-together over warm meals. Lokky Mountain High Homestay Kundasang, with 5 spacious rooms and a large living room area, is ideal for large groups.

Price: From MYR1,870 per night
What you'll get: Villa for 10-12 pax, 5 bedrooms, kitchen, steamboat and BBQ facility, private dining, living room and majestic Mount Kinabalu view.
Instant Book: Lokky Mountain High Homestay Villa Kundasang

How to Go to Kundasang

Kundasang is located about 2 hours away from Sabah's capital, Kota Kinabalu. The best way to visit Kundasang is to self-drive, allowing you to explore the area to your liking and pace. There are plenty of car rental services that provide a wide range of vehicle types, including 4-seater cars and 12-seater vans.

If you prefer having someone else driving, you can also opt for a private charter service with a personal driver. This allows you to fully enjoy your trip comfortably without the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads.

Shuttle transfers between Kota Kinabalu and the park are also available for those who only plan to climb Mount Kinabalu or visit Kinabalu Park. The driver will pick you up from your hotel in the city, and all you have to do is sit back and relax while enjoying the view along the way. 

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Private Charter With Personal Driver In Kota Kinabalu
Shuttle Transfers To Kinabalu Park (Mount Kinabalu)
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Best Time to Visit Kundasang

The weather in Kundasang comprises a tropical climate with varied amounts of rainfall throughout the year. Its average temperature is about 21 degrees annually which is quite pleasant for its location. Due to its wonderful weather, the town sees an influx of both local and international tourists all year round.

The excellent weather in Kundasang may make it look like you can arrive at the destination in any month of the year. However, some periods are considered the best time to visit Kundasang, which is from January to April. The first four months of the year have minimal rainfall, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy their trip fully.