Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to book with Sabah Travel?

Yes, it is completely safe to book your trips via Sabah Travel.

Why should I book with Sabah Travel?

The convenience! Through Sabah Travel you are able to Pre-book your trip anytime and anywhere. Quick, easy and fuss-free. Just select your desired tour, enter your travel dates, make payment, pack your bags and go!

When is the best time to go to Sabah?

Located below the tropical typhoon belt, Sabah is blessed with a tropical climate all year round, with scattered unpredictable showers. The temperature in the lowlands is about 32 degrees centigrade and highlands about 21 degrees Centigrade. Anytime is considered a good time to visit Sabah Malaysian Borneo

What should I bring with me to Sabah?

Expect the unexpected. Pack a Poncho due to unpredictable weather. Don’t forget chargers and SD cards for your gadgets. Comfortable walking shoes. Sunblock for all the sunshine you’ll be getting. A photocopy of your Passports – not only when you travel to Sabah but to wherever you go in the world.

Do I need to learn a little Malay?

Learning to speak a little bit of Bahasa Melayu can get you a long way. The English language is widely spoken in Sabah but to truly mingle with the locals, a few words in Bahasa Melayu will probably earn you some precious local insights!

What is the best itinerary to see in Sabah?

The state capital Kota Kinabalu is snuggled between sun-dappled coastlines and a forested mountain range, with plenty to do in between. We suggest the perfect itinerary would be one that combines the best of both worlds—wildlife, jungle walks and some island hopping. Of course not forgetting to join the sunset cruises, where Sabah has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Asia.

Are your tours conducted daily?

Yes. All our tours are conducted daily, on weekends and public holidays—unless fully booked.

What is a SIC (Seat in Coach)?

Seat in Coach, is the term used for sharing in transfer or tour. Guests that are in SIC basis will be sharing vehicle and have other tourist with them on the tour. There may be multiple pickups & drop-offs throughout the journey. Do expect a short waiting time.

What types of transportation do you use for the tours?

Sabah Travel promises to only conduct tours with comfortable tourist coaches/van/cars to provide our guests with the safest and most efficient transportation in each area. For all our Mount Kinabalu Climbing Tour Packages, a 9 seater licensed tourist van will usually be used. For all other local daily tours, it all depends on the group size. Under circumstances we do use a coach for bigger volume and private cars for small number of SIC.

I have a special dietary requirement. Do you cater for vegetarians?

Absolutely. Please ensure your dietary requirement is written clearly when making a booking and upon receiving your tour itinerary. 

Vegetarians can be easily accommodated in most areas in Sabah, with a couple of restaurants that cater to vegetarians, such as Hindu Banana Leaf restaurants. 

Please note that unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that special requirements can always be met. In tour packages where meals are served buffet style, we suggest that you leave out the meat.

Can I join a tour late or leave early?

It is possible to leave a tour early however you will be responsible for your own transportation arrangements once you choose to leave the tour early. You would also be responsible for all costs associated with joining a tour late or leaving one early.

Is tipping compulsory and if not, how much should I budget?

Tipping is not compulsory and can be done at your own discretion.

What time are your operating hours?

Our standard operating office hours is as below:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 6:00pm

Saturday: 8:30 – 1:00pm

Closed on Public Holidays

However, should you need to make a reservation outside office hours, you could contact our sales hotline at +6 012 8042009 (Malaysia) or +65 6841 3009 (Singapore).

What should I do during an emergency?

In an emergency you should call the following numbers: +6 012 8641009 / +6 012 8042009

Can I postpone the tour after booking?

Yes. However, there will be amendment charges and terms and conditions do apply, as we have arranged fees and payment to secure on the reservation of your tour.

What are your amendment charges?

Amendment to bookings after payment is made will be charged at a minimum of RM30 per service amendment in addition to any charges as levied by the airlines, hotels, climb operators or service providers concerned. A transfer to another package less than 30 days prior to departure does not constitute an amendment but entails the cancellation of the original booking and is subject to the appropriate cancellation fees stated in the clause of "Cancellation Policy".

Are tour packages booked via "" refundable?

For cancellation before tour commencement, the refund will be based on the Cancellation Policy as stated below. There would be no refunds for cancellation after the tour has commenced or for any unused tour services including but not limited to transfer, meals & accommodation, sightseeing or any other services not utilized.

In the event that there is a refund required, the refund will be credited back to you in the same method as your payment.

Please note that refunds will take up to 14 - 28 working days to process.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event of cancellation of booking by Client, a written notice must be provided. The following cancellation charges must be borne by the Client and the travelling companions as follows:- 

Number of days between tour commencement and receipt of cancellation notice:

  • 30 days or more (50% of tour cost)
  • 15 to 29 days (75% of tour cost)
  • 08 to 14 days (85% of tour cost)
  • 04 to 07 days (95% of tour cost)
  • Less than 04 days or No Show (100% of tour cost)

For tour products or individual components supplied by 3rd parties, e.g. Air Tickets, Hotel/Lodge Bookings, etc, cancellation fees under the terms and conditions of the respective 3rd parties shall apply plus a minimum handling charge of RM50 per service per person.

Why are there 2 types of pricing (Malaysian & International) for some of the tours?

Similar to other countries, locals will always have citizenship privileges. Internationals will pay for normal rates whereas Malaysians are heavily subsided by the government.

Who qualify for Malaysian price?

Those holding Malaysian passport or the Malaysian Identity card (MyKad). Foreigners who are residing permanently in Malaysia do not qualify.

Is it safe to pay online?

The security of your private information is guaranteed on 

We only allow credit card numbers to be transmitted to us over the Internet by browsers using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. When you enter your credit card number, SSL encodes the information and transmits in a format that prevents any form of data theft. Once received by our secure server, your credit card number is never transmitted over the Internet again. 

SSL safe connection and secure transaction technology have effectively protected our Sabah Travel customers who have transmitted their credit card numbers online.

What can I do if I encounter a problem while making an online payment?

Payments might fail for a variety of reasons. Some common situations when paying with MolPay Payment include:

  • Your credit card has expired.
  • Your credit card doesn’t allow online payments. Please contact your bank or choose another payment option.
  • You don’t have the appropriate software installed to make an online payment. Please contact your bank’s customer service for help.
  • The transaction amount exceeds your card limit for online payments. Please call your bank to adjust your limit.
  • Incorrect card information was provided and hence failed to authenticate. Please confirm the information and try again.
  • A communication problem between the gateway and the card processing facility.
  • An error with the Merchant's bank or gateway.
  • Timeout or connection interruption.

You may also try calling your credit card issuer bank and authenticate with 3D authentication. If you have any other questions or problems, please contact your bank or Molpay's customer service for help. 

If all else fails, we will provide you with a manual credit card authorisation form or alternatively, you could do a bank telegraphic transfer.

Who will pick me up for my tour? How can I identify the person?

Our representatives will pick you up at the airport upon the arrival, holding a paging board that is bearing your name.

Where is the drop off location after my tour ends?

You will be dropped off at your hotel.

Is it possible to request the driver to drop me off at a location that is other than the stated destination in the itinerary?

We do not encourage that. This is to ensure guests’ safety and compliance to our standard operation procedures. However, should you urgently need to be driven to another destination, please inform our driver who will be in constant contact with our operation team and charges for deviation will apply.

What is the number to call if I happen to leave something in the vehicle?

If you happen to leave something in our vehicle, do ensure to give us a call at the following numbers: +6 012 8641009 / +6 012 8042009

Do I need at least six (06) months passport validity to enter Malaysia?

Yes. Before leaving for your trip, do remember to check your passport, amongst other essentials. This is a friendly reminder to ensure your passport has at least six months’ validity on the day you plan to leave your country and enter Borneo. You will be denied entry into our country should the expiry be less than six months.

What are the entry and visa requirements in Malaysia?

According to Malaysia's Immigrations Department, a visitor should fulfill the following requirements to enter Malaysia:

  • Valid Passport or Travel Document (At least 6 months validity)
  • Valid Visa **
  • Valid Return Travel Ticket and Sufficient Funds
  • Not Classified as a Prohibited Person
  • Completion of the Arrival/Departure card

Valid Visa: Foreign nationals who require a Visa to enter Malaysia must apply and obtain a Visa in advance at Malaysian Representative Office before entering the country.

Valid visa

A visa is an endorsement in a passport or other recognized travel document of foreigner indicating that the holder has applied for permission to enter Malaysia and that permission has been granted. 

Foreign nationals who require a Visa to enter Malaysia must apply and obtain a Visa in advance at any Malaysian Representative Office abroad before entering the country. 

Visa which has been granted is not absolute guarantee that the holder will be allowed to enter Malaysia. The final decision lies with the Immigration Officer at the entry point. 

Please visit this link for complete details regarding immigration entry requirements.