What is SabahTravel Affiliate Program?

The SabahTravel Affiliate Program provides you with a unique promo code to share with your audience. When your audience uses the promo code to make bookings on SabahTravel.com, they enjoy discounts, and you earn commissions for every successful booking at the same time. This program offers a seamless pathway to affiliate status, enabling you to start earning while delivering perks to your audience.

Why should I join the Affiliate Program?

✅ Earn commissions for each booking made through your promo code  

✅ Offer exclusive discounts to your audience  

✅ Direct travellers to reliable travel platform that offer secure payment methods for memorable experiences in Sabah

Can I join the Affiliate Program?

If you're a passionate content creator with:  

✅ a minimum of 10k followers across your social media platforms 

✅ active across social media platforms 

✅ focus on sharing Sabah's diverse attractions and experiences 

We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch by sending an email to sylvia.lo@sabahtravel.com.