Tun Mustapha Park

Back in March 2003, Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) earned Cabinet approval under the Parks Enactment 1984. Its formal establishment on May 19, 2016, marked a crucial step in protecting globally significant marine ecosystems facing the threat of overexploitation. Encompassing a vast marine expanse of 898,762.76 hectares across Kudat, Kota Marudu, and Pitas districts, TMP stands as Malaysia's largest multiuse marine protected area and one of the world's most diverse marine flora and fauna hotspots.

TMP's vision is clear: uphold the integrity of globally significant marine biodiversity, ensuring that the abundant marine resources thrive sustainably to support local communities. To turn this vision into reality, TMP is dedicated to achieving three primary goals:

  1. Safeguarding marine biodiversity in mangrove forests, coral reefs, and coastal waters, offering protection to rare endangered marine species like sea turtles.
  2. Promoting the sustainable development of traditional and commercial fisheries, cage-culture, and seaweed culture.
  3. Alleviating the poverty of coastal villagers, ensuring that the benefits of TMP reach and uplift the local communities.