Designated a marine park in 1977, the Turtle Islands Park encompasses three picturesque islands: Selingan, Gulisan, and Bakungan Kechil. Spanning an expansive 1,740 hectares, inclusive of the surrounding reefs and seas, the park stands as a sanctuary for the remarkable Greens and Hawksbill turtle species, which grace its shores year-round to lay their precious eggs under the veil of night. Each island proudly hosts hatcheries devoted to the conservation of these majestic creatures.

Turtle Islands Park

Entrance Fees and Rates

01Malaysian aged 18 years old and aboveRM 20 / person / day
02Malaysian aged 17 years old and belowRM 10 / person / day
03International aged 18 years old and aboveRM 60 / person / day
04International aged 17 years old and belowRM 30 / person / day

Turtle Nest Adoption Programme:

Malaysian and InternationalRM 150 / person