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10 Best Camping Sites in Sabah

The wilderness is calling! No other activity lets you appreciate the gorgeous landscapes of Sabah more than being one with nature itself, and what better way to do that than going on a camping trip!   

From beautiful mountain valleys and riverside plateaus to beachy waterfronts or countryside charms, the Land Below the Wind has all the perfect spots to escape the city's hustle and bustle! 

Here are our picks for popular and upcoming campsites for your next trip! 

Hawun Valley, Kiulu

Kiulu is quickly becoming a hotspot for camping enthusiasts these days—not only because it is located near Kota Kinabalu but also because it is the best place to see the Milky Way with bare eyes! On clear nights, you can witness the sky adorned with the twinkle and sparkle of millions of stars.  

Hawun Valley has a purpose-built platform where you can sit and stargaze all night long. See who can spot the most constellations or witness rare celestial events that you can only view in the countryside. 

Forget five-star hotels; camp out under the dazzling glimmer of the starry sky instead! 

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Aura Montoria, Kota Belud

Adventurous campers would not have to look any further because Aura Montoria is calling for you. With a fun mix of nature trekking, jungle discovery, and cave exploration, this trip is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves entirely in the wilderness. 

After hours of walking in the rainforest, reward yourself with a refreshing dip into the cool river and try out some cliff jumping into the water for some exhilaration. At night, relax as the calming sounds of the night critters lull you to sleep. 

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Maga Waterfall Camp Site, Long Pasia

This is the ultimate camping expedition for those who long for an adventure in some of the most remote parts of Sabah. 

You will be trekking into the jungle for about 8 hours to reach the campsite, and along the way, you will get the chance to see and learn more about the rainforest and the unique species of flora and fauna. 

At the journey's end, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Maga Waterfall. Swim in the water and rest your body for the night because you will be trekking back to the starting point again the next morning! 

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Mount Sinipung & Ferrian Waterfall, Long Pasia

For those who want some mountain hiking mixed into their camping trip, Mount Sinipung at Long Pasia is your answer. Explore the untouched beauty of Sabah's pristine rainforest as you hike up the mountain. Not only that, but you will also get your fun in the water at Ferrian Waterfall, where you can take a well-deserved swim after a long walk in the jungle. We promise you that it will be a trip to remember! 

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Tambiau Forest House, Ranau 

An idyllic campsite with fairyland vibes, this hillside camping overlooks the beautiful countryside valley of the Crocker Ranger. Enjoy amazing sunrise in the comfort of your tent in the morning amidst a cloud carpet and cool weather throughout the day. This is the ideal camping location close to various attractions around Kundasang and Ranau town. 

Book Ranau Tambiau Forest House Hiking here! 

Dragon Pearl Beach Resort, Kota Belud

A hidden gem located a mere 2 hours' drive from Kota Kinabalu City, this idyllic resort is situated in a little cove with gorgeous sandy beaches lined with coastal trees that makes for the perfect seaside getaway. The hills behind the beach cover the area from strong winds and harsh temperatures, ensuring a comfortable stay throughout. 

Set your tent on the solid ground camping site just a stone's throw away from the crystal clear waters for a stunning ocean view when you wake up. Activities to do here are plentiful—from snorkelling on shallow waters to short hikes around the campsite, Dragon Pearl Beach Resort guarantees a fun outing with your family and friends. 

Secret Place Cafe & Camping, Kudat 

With long stretchy beaches and endless ocean panoramas over the horizon, Secret Place Cafe & Camping is a must-visit for beach bums out there! 

Located at Kg. Bavang Jamal in Kudat, this secluded beach is the ultimate retreat if you want somewhere peaceful and quiet for your camping session. 

When you are there, ask the owner if you can participate in their beach cleaning activities or show you how they move turtle eggs to the hatchery during egg laying season. Also, his homemade pizza baked in a DIY outdoor brick oven is finger-licking goodness!   

Nohutu Eco Tourism Campsite, Kota Belud 

Mount Kinabalu is majestic from all angles, but from Nohutu Eco Tourism Campsite, our beloved mountain looks even grander! On most days, the Kadamaian River has crystal clear waters, which you can see all the way to the bottom.  

Dip into the cool water to refresh after taking short hikes on trails surrounding the campsite. The river is generally safe for guests of all ages, though some supervision is needed when bringing kids to bathe as some parts can be rocky with the medium-strength current.  

Here's a tip: you will get the best view of Mount Kinabalu at dawn and sunset when the clouds clear up. So, remember to take a million pictures for the 'gram!  

N.G Kokol Camping Site, Kokol  

This camping site is located just on the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, offering cool highland vibes not too far from the city. N.G Kokol Camp Site has a stunning bird's eye view of the city and the South China Sea. At night, look at Kota Kinabalu from a distance to remind yourself that a fun getaway  

does not have to be far away from home.  

Wake up in the thick morning mist and hear the birds chirping in the background while your moka pot whistles, signing that your hot cuppa is ready. What a way to start the day!   

And while you are in Kokol, be sure to visit Le' One Kokol Elf and 1 Heart Maze, or join the ATV and paragliding activity

Taman Bukit Kuala Bibang, Semporna  

This is the only campsite in Sabah on a hillside with a nearby sea view! Gradual slope landscape gently echos the wave from the sea below and lush shrub vegetation to break strong wind from hitting your tents. Your Sabah campsite hopping will not be complete without a visit to Taman Bukit Kuala Bibang!

Check out the places to stay and activities to do in Semporna here!