How to Manage Product Inventory

Step by step guide on how to add product into your Product Listing & how to add product photos

[0:04]Login to Vendor Dashboard

[0:31]Adding Products Into Product Listing

[0:51]Adding Product Photos

Login to SabahTravel Vendor Dashboard

Step 1. Login

Login with your registered vendor ID & password. Contact your SabahTravel Account Manager if you need assistance. 

Step 2. Enter Vendor Dashboard

Click on the avatar on the top right of the page, select “Vendor Dashboard” in the dropped down Menu List. 

Adding Products into Product Listing

There are more than 300 products available in SabahTravel for you to sell in SabahTravel Platform.

Step 1. Choose Product

Under “Available Products”, scroll through the listing and choose any products you wish to sell.

You can use "filter function" to sort products based on product types (Tours/Accommodations/Transports/Tickets/Community) for your easy view


using "search bar" function to look for products in your mind.

Step 2. Add to Product Listing

Click on “Add to Inventory” button on your favourite products, and it will be added to your product listing.

Step 3. List More Products / Proceed to Add Product Photo

If you wish to add more products, repeat the above steps.


you may proceed to next action: scroll down the page, follow tutorial of "Add Product Photo".

Removing Product from Product Listing

Step 1. Click on Product

If you wish to remove any product from product listing due to a particular reason, click on the product to be removed.

Step 2. Remove From Inventory

Click on "Remove From Inventory" button.

Step 3. List More Products

After your product is removed from your product list and you wish to add more products, click "+ List More Products" and repeat the steps on the above.

Adding Product Photo

Step 1. Choose Product

In your product listing, Click on the product you added into your product inventory list, and you will see all settings appear on the right panel.

Step 2. Add Photo

Click on “+”. Alternatively, drag or add photos from your local image storage to add a photo. 

TIPS  |  Image Uploading Criteria
 High resolution & attractive: at least 1200x900px 
✗ Blurry photo, watermarked, pixelated, low resolution 

Apart from photo, all other products’ content is default and preset by SabahTravel Account Manager. You can edit it to match your business model. Follow the next tutorial on How to Edit Product Setting.