How to Use Submit Request Form

[0:12]I Have Enquiries. Where to Click?

[0:23]How to Fill?

[1:54]If You Have Specific Product to Enquire

[2:50]If You have General Enquiries

What is This About?

This form is for you to easily reach to SabahTravel team if you need any assistance on products/services/any specific enquiries. You may utilise this special feature from SabahTravel to get a complimentary customized travel itinerary based on your request.

I Have Enquiries. How Can I Reach SabahTravel?

There are 2 ways you can send in your enquiry to SabahTravel:

i) Navigation Bar

Under SabahTravel homepage, look for "Customize Tour" in the Navigation Bar,


ii) Product Page

On each of product page, at the right panel, look for "Check Availability" button.

When to Use?

A) If you have specific product to enquire 

If you have specific products in mind and you have something to enquire, under the same enquiry page, go to “Travel Preference” and tick “I have products in mind”. 

Key in any product packages into the designated location that you wish to enquire.  

Or alternatively, 

If you are in the specific product page, notice on the right panel, look for “Send Enquiry”. Click the button and fill up details accordingly. 

There are several tips for you to fill up the details. All the information is important so you can receive more accurate travel itinerary recommendation from SabahTravel. 

B) If you have general enquiries/need assistance to arrange travel itinerary 

Fill up all the necessary details into the form in,


go to the Homepage, under Navigation Bar, look for “Customize Tour”. 

TIPS | How to Fill Up "Customize Tour" Form Effectively
Fill up all required fields  
Write clear messages in the “Additional Remarks” on your specific requirement such as dietary requirement, “must-do”, “must-visit”, or any particular needs 
Valid contact information 
✗ Insufficient or not relevant information 

What's Next After Submitted An Enquiry?

Upon you have submitted the enquiry, you are understood and agreed to the Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy. If you do not receive any response, please check your Spam / Junk email folder, or email to or contact SabahTravel via Facebook or Instagram