How to Submit a Claim

Step by step guide on how to submit a claim

[0:10]Step 1. Document Required

[1:00]Step 2. Document Uploaded

[1:23]Step 3. Payout Processed

Step 1. Document Required

1) Go to Bookings

2) Click the Claimable tab

3) Select the booking(s) you want to claim

4) Click the Claim Payout button

Note: an EOV email will be sent to vendor’s email address.

5) Go to Claims

6) Search for the payout to claim and click Upload Invoice

7) Upload invoice(s)

8) Uploaded invoice(s) will be listed here

9) Click Back to page to go back to Claims page

Step 2. Document Uploaded

10) Select Step 2 - Document Uploaded

11) To remove uploaded invoice(s)

a. Select the invoice

b. Click the Remove button

12) You can upload more invoice(s) before SabahTravel proceeds with the payout

Step 3. Payout Processed

13) Completed Reimbursements are viewable at Step 3 - Payout Processed

14) You can view the payment advice by clicking the View Payment Advice button