At, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we understand the critical role that partnerships play in achieving our mission.  

Our partnerships are built on a foundation of trust, shared values, and a deep commitment to sustainability. We bring together diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources through our collaboration to develop innovative and effective solutions to complex sustainability challenges. Whether promoting responsible tourism practices or conserving natural resources, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our partners to create a more sustainable future for Sabah and beyond. 


Here are some sustainability initiatives by our partners!


Check out how our amazing partners are making sustainability a top priority! 

1. Amazing Borneo

Amazing Borneo is a company that understands the great responsibility that comes with every tour they provide. They uphold the highest sustainability standard and are dedicated to ensuring that tourism in Sabah and Sarawak is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. By minimizing their environmental impact, they strive to make a positive difference in the communities they visit, as well as in wildlife conservation and human rights initiatives. 

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2. Hopes Malaysia

Hopes Malaysia has been committed to improving the lives of rural Sabah communities since 2016. Their various projects and initiatives have made a significant impact on the lives of over 10,000 individuals residing in rural communities across 12 different villages in Kota Belud, Sabah. Their focus on Sustainable Community Development has been particularly noteworthy, as they have worked towards providing clean water, sustainable farming, bridge rebuilding, socio-economic support, and rebuilding livelihoods. 

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3. 1Stop Borneo Wildlife

1Stop Borneo Wildlife is dedicated to rainforest conservation through their 4E framework: Education, Enforcement, Enrichment of Habitat, and Economy. They conduct school workshops and research, reduce hunting pressures through creative practices, and develop conservation tourism products and local job opportunities. Lately, 1Stop Borneo has been planting figs with the aim of restoring depleted forests and supplying nourishment for wildlife such as Orang Utans, gibbons, sun bears, and other wild animals. If you would like to contribute to this project, consider joining their tour and planting a ficus tree with your name.

Watch the latest Borneo Wildlife Series to learn more about the endemic wildlife of Borneo!

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OITOM offers an exceptional gastronomic experience rooted in sustainable practices, highlighting the essence of local ingredients. The owner of OITOM forges close partnerships with Sabah's local farmers to showcase the finest Sabah ingredients on your plate. Each plate is a canvas adorned with delicate edible flowers, adding a touch of elegance to your culinary journey. Their commitment to sustainability not only enhances your dining experience but also supports a more equitable food system while preserving Sabah's rich culinary heritage. Click the link below to savour the vibrant flavours of Sabah in an upscale setting that marries sustainability with gastronomic excellence! 

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5. Natura Spa & Wellness

Embracing a transformative approach within the wellness industry, Natura Spa & Wellness employs premium plant-based Italian products – meticulously vegan, cruelty-free, and organic. The owners aim to empower their clients and foster informed choices that reverberate through their lives, fostering greater awareness and sustainability. By exclusively relying on plant-based ingredients, Natura Spa & Wellness mitigates the environmental toll of conventional animal-derived products, reducing deforestation, water consumption, and carbon emissions. Their products are cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals, fostering healthier soil, cleaner waterways, and the preservation of biodiversity. In choosing Natura Spa & Wellness, you're not just embracing self-care; you're becoming an advocate for the planet.  

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6. Hawun Valley Kiulu

Camping at Hawun Valley goes beyond providing a picturesque escape; it embodies a sustainable eco-experience that actively contributes to environmental preservation. The campsite's strategic location in Kiulu encourages travellers to minimise their carbon footprint by opting for a close-to-nature getaway. The campsite's commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area is evident, because it involves using minimal energy resources for lighting, cooling, and powering electronic devices. On top of that, campsites boast minimal infrastructure – exemplified by Hawun Valley's private platforms, rentable rooms, and camping spots that are designed to blend with their natural surroundings. This highlights the site's commitment to immersing guests in nature, fostering a profound appreciation for the environment, and inspiring campers to embrace greater sustainability in their daily routines. 

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7. Sukau Rainforest Lodge

Sukau Rainforest Lodge, an acclaimed eco-lodge, stands out for its dedication to conservation, sustainable tourism, and community advancement. The lodge not only protects the intricate mangrove forest ecosystem but also ensures guests enjoy both comfort and a meaningful experience. The local community plays a vital role in the lodge's renowned hospitality, with nearly 80% of the staff hailing from nearby villages. Since 2000, the lodge has actively engaged in multiple community and environmental initiatives through its non-profit entity, the Borneo Eco-tourism Solutions and Technologies (BEST) Society. These endeavours encompass providing local families with water tanks and contributing to conservation activities within the region. 

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8. Bilit Adventure Lodge 

Bilit Adventure Lodge is a unique eco-lodge located in the heart of the Kinabatangan region, known for its breathtaking nature and wildlife. The lodge stands out for its commitment to sustainability and community development. They actively engage in tree planting activities and repurpose wooden materials to build platforms and walkways in their nature trails, minimizing their environmental footprint. Furthermore, they boost the local economy by incorporating activities with the community in nearby villages, providing employment and training opportunities for the locals. Bilit Adventure Lodge is also an active member of the Kinabatangan Corridor of Life Tour Association, showing their dedication to preserving and protecting this vital region. 

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9. Sably Goat Haven

Sably Goat Haven provides educational tours and hands-on activities on animal husbandry. These programs are designed for schools, children, or anyone that aim to learn about responsible and sustainable animal care. By providing opportunities for everyone to engage in exciting activities, such as milking goats and learning about sustainable feeding practices, Sably Goat Haven is helping to promote a greater understanding of animal welfare and the environment. 

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10. Sigar Tapim Eco

Sigar Tapim Eco organises an eco-tourism accommodation and experience in Long Pasia, wherein visitors can have the opportunity to encounter the local Lundayeh tribe. Their commitment to responsible travel practices prioritises the conservation of the natural environment, supporting the well-being of local communities, and includes education opportunities. 

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11. Guas Nabalu Homestay

Guas Nabalu Homestay is a unique coffee producer specialising in highland coffee grown in cooler climates. With a focus on sustainable farming practices, they prioritise natural cultivation methods, never using chemical pesticides on their crops. In addition to their coffee production, Guas Nabalu Homestay has also developed homestay programs that incorporate coffee production as a means to generate income for local families. 

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