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8 Eco-Friendly Hotels to Stay for Your Next Trip in Sabah

Escape to Sabah's lush rainforests and crystal-clear waters while making a positive impact on the environment.  

Discover the natural beauty of Sabah while reducing your carbon footprint by staying in one of the many eco-friendly hotels available. Wake up to the sounds of the jungle and enjoy locally sourced organic meals while knowing that your stay supports the conservation of Sabah's natural treasures. Make a difference while indulging in an unforgettable eco-conscious vacation.  

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Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum Valley

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is a shining example of an eco-friendly accommodation option in the heart one of world's oldest rainforests, Danum Valley.  

Nestled amongst the  130-million-year-old rainforest alongside the Danum River, the lodge has won multiple awards for its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. With 30 wooden chalets that blend into the natural surroundings, guests can enjoy eco-friendly activities such birding, jungle trekking, canopy walk, night safari/walks, and river tubing. 

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is an eco-friendly accommodation that prides itself on its sustainable practices. Chalets are built using passive design principles, with solar powered water heaters installed en-suite, and energy saving light bulbs and LED lighting installed throughout the premises. The lodge places great importance on waste management by promoting the use of reusable drinking bottles and having a refill station with filtered drinking water. They also use 100% biodegradable bags and lunch boxes made from oil palm tree, and have dedicated dispensers for hair and body shampoo. Effective Micro Organism (EM) is utilized by the lodge to treat their wastewater and they also make use of eco-friendly detergents and insect repellent. Moreover, they extend their support to local communities and products. Lastly, the lodge practices noise management to ensure a peaceful and tranquil environment for its guests.  

With its sustainable practices, Borneo Rainforest Lodge is an excellent choice for those who wish to have a comfortable and environmental-friendly stay in the heart of Borneo's rainforest. 

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Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Sandakan 

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is situated along the Kinabatangan River, an award-winning eco-lodge that provides an exceptional wildlife and nature experience. 

Sukau Rainforest Lodge epitomizes eco-tourism with its Superior Rooms and Villas that boast a range of eco-friendly features. The lodge's commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of energy-saving light bulbs and inverter air-conditioners that minimize the lodge's carbon footprint. The lodge's construction is also eco-friendly, featuring local hardwood species such as Belian, Merbau, Selangan Batu, and Nyatoh for various parts of the structure. By raising the stilts five feet above the ground, the lodge protects guests from potential floods, insects, animals, and reptiles while also keeping the structures 100ft away from the river bank and outside the riparian reserve to prevent storm water soil erosion. 

The lodge has implemented various green initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as using solar panels to generate electricity, composting organic waste, and reducing plastic usage. Moreover, they have created a riverine forest corridor to protect wildlife and promote reforestation. The lodge also promotes environmental education and encourages guests to participate in conservation activities, such as tree planting and river clean-ups.

By prioritizing sustainable practices and conservation efforts in Sandakan, Sukau Rainforest Lodge serves as a model for responsible tourism that benefits both the environment and the local community. 

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Shangri-la Rasa Ria, Tuaran 

Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort & Spa is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in the midst of the Dalit Bay nature enclave that prioritizes eco-friendly practices.  

In addition to its stunning view of the South China Sea, the resort is home to the Rasa Ria Reserve, a 64-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site situated at the feet of Mount Kinabalu. This unique nature reserve provides an exceptional opportunity for guests to learn about and appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of Sabah. The nature reserve is home to over 100 species of butterflies, numerous bird species, and rare indigenous wildlife, including the endangered Pangolin. At Shangri-La Rasa Ria, visitors have a great opportunity to spot other distinct animals like the Macaque, Pit Viper, Slow Loris, Monitor Lizard, and Hornbill through Nature Reserve Activities such as the Sunrise Walk and Canopy Walk. The hotel's Discovery Centre provides guests with educational experiences that highlight the importance of preserving the environment.  

By offering experiential activities that promote eco-tourism, Shangri-La Rasa Ria demonstrates its commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. 

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Danum Valley Field Centre, Lahad Datu

The Danum Valley Field Centre is a premier research and conservation center located in the Sabah state of Malaysia, known for its pristine tropical rainforest and high biodiversity.  

The accommodations at the centre are designed with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on minimizing waste and reducing carbon footprint. The lodging options include traditional longhouses made of bamboo and other natural materials; the electricity is only available from 6am to 11pm. This provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the beauty and diversity of a tropical rainforest and to learn about the important work being done to protect and conserve these precious ecosystems. The centre offers a range of activities for its guests, such as hiking, trekking, wildlife and bird watching, night safaris, research and education.

Nature lovers will be delighted by Danum Valley's abundant wildlife, which includes over 270 bird species, as well as the Bornean Orangutan, Pygmy Elephant, and Sumatran Rhinoceros. 

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Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu

Le Meridien is a 5-star luxury hotel in Kota Kinabalu taking proactive steps towards creating an eco-friendly hotel environment.  

The hotel is committed to reducing its environmental impact by sustainably managing energy and water use, reducing waste and carbon emissions, and increasing the use of renewable energy. Le Meridien also prioritizes sustainability in its hotel design, operations, and guest experiences, ensuring that it collaborates with all stakeholders, including associates, suppliers, and guests, to reduce the environmental impact of its business. In addition to this, the hotel sources responsibly, focusing on sustainable, responsible, and local sourcing, and aims to integrate environmental and social practices throughout its supply chain.  

Overall, Le Meridien's dedication to sustainable operations aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals, including clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and responsible consumption and production. 

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Tabin Wildlife Resort, Lahad Datu

Tabin Wildlife Resort is nestled within the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, which is situated in the eastern part of Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.  

The reserve is the largest of its kind in Malaysia and covers an expansive rectangular area of about 300,000 acres. It is located in the heart of the Dent Peninsula, north-east of Lahad Datu town, south of the lower reaches of the Segama River and north of the Silabukan Forest Reserve. This strategic location places the resort in the midst of abundant biodiversity, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. 

Tabin Wildlife Resort is a popular destination in Sabah for individuals who appreciate nature and prioritize sustainable tourism. It offers visitors the opportunity to engage in various nature-based activities, including jungle-trekking, night safari, night walk, wildlife-spotting, birdwatching, and rainforest education. The resort is dedicated to responsible sustainable tourism and takes pride in minimizing human impact on wildlife. The resort organizes guests into small groups and ensures that kitchen waste is disposed of responsibly by collecting it and placing it in a compost bin, which later serves as fertilizer for their plants. Fruit enzymes are used as an insect repellent. Recycling is also encouraged by providing recycling dustbins, and a greenhouse has been constructed to grow vegetables for staff and guests. 

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Kawag Nature Lodge, Lahad Datu

Kawag Nature Lodge is a prime example of eco-friendliness, where the natural environment is respected and preserved while offering guests an unforgettable experience.  

By elevating the lodge and connecting it with a boardwalk made of durable Belian timber, the lodge blends seamlessly with the lush forest surroundings, minimizing disruption to the local ecosystem. This approach allows for a unique and immersive encounter with the wilderness, where guests can observe wildlife in their natural habitat without disturbing them.  

In addition to its eco-friendly design and integration with the natural environment, Kawag Nature Lodge also strives to provide a comfortable and convenient stay for its guests. Despite its remote location, the lodge offers 24-hour electricity supply powered by canopy generators, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy source. This electricity supply powers the hot water system for the showers in each room, allowing guests to enjoy a refreshing shower after a day of exploring the wilderness.  

The combination of eco-friendliness and its amenities makes Kawag Nature Lodge a truly unique and remarkable destination for nature lovers. 

Gayana Marine Resort, Kota Kinabalu

Gayana Marine Resort is a prime example of eco-friendliness and luxury coexisting in harmony that offers extraordinary 52 overwater tropical villas that boast vistas of the aquamarine sea, mangrove forest or tropical jungle. 

The resort is situated on the island of Pulau Gaya, Kota Kinabalu surrounded by the turquoise waters of the South China Sea, and boasts breath-taking views of the ocean and the lush rainforest. At the heart of Gayana Marine Resort is the Marine Ecology Research Centre, it is a learning and educational centre to raise awareness about the marine ecosystem. One of the primary focuses of the centre is the propagation of endangered giant clams and coral reefs. The resort's coral nursery cultivates and nurtures these delicate organisms before transplanting them to the ocean floor, where they can continue to thrive and support the local marine ecosystem. Guests are invited to participate in coral planting activities to learn more about the importance of coral reefs and conservation efforts. 

Gayana Marine Resort strikes a balance between indulgent luxury and ecological responsibility.  Guests can enjoy the resort's luxurious amenities, such as private villas with stunning ocean views, a spa, and exquisite dining options, all while contributing to conservation efforts that protect the island's marine environment. 

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