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Fall In Love With Sabah

The Top Travel Destination of 2022

Sabah is the complete travel destination ideal for every category of traveler. From the peak of Mount Kinabalu all the way to the seas of Sabah, teeming with beautiful marine life, Sabah has it all. Sabah boasts age-old rainforests which are home to a plethora of unique flora and fauna.

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Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state is often referred to as KK. It is a coastal city with a lot to do. Within the city itself, there is much to explore such as the mirage-like Floating Mosque, great sunsets from Tanjung Aru Beach and stunning views over KK from the Signal Hill Observatory Platform. Travelers can spend two or three days in KK and check these out.

North Borneo Cruises or SeaTango Sunset Cruise

Take a scenic cruise around the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TARC) and down the central coast and enjoy the beautiful city lights of the KK waterfront. Choose between the Sunset Dinner Cruise or KK Night Dinner Cruise onboard North Borneo Cruises. The cruise is 2 hours long and a buffet is served along with live band entertainment onboard.

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PADI Open Water Dive Course

Sabah as a diving destination is uncontested. Obtaining your scuba diving certification in Sabah would be an unparalleled dream as the open water course dives are completed in the lovely tropical turquoise waters. No prior experience is required to start this adventure, except for being in good physical health, able to float for 10 minutes and swim 200 meters unaided without stopping.

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Leisure Scuba Diving Adventure (TARP Islands)

Enjoy leisure diving at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park to observe brilliant corals and shoals of beautiful fishes. The highlights are diving amongst the world-renowned coral reefs with all diving equipment provided for. There is a big chance of spotting a variety of marine life such as scorpion fish, blue spotted rays, cuttlefish, mantis shrimp, and sea turtles.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure & Mangrove Safari

Paddle boarding is now a fad but imagine exploring the mangrove area of Borneo while paddle boarding. Visit the must see places around Sabah on your paddle board, such as Tanjung Aru Beach, Tuaran or Kiulu River.

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Kiulu White Water Rafting

Kiulu River offers grade 1 & 2 water rapids and up to 15km of fun rides on the river. It is moderately adventurous, as the rapids are relatively calmer and easier to manage, making it great for beginners. It is suitable for even young kids.

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4D3N Kota Kinabalu Highlights And Sunset Cruise

For tourists who are looking for an all-round package to see the best of Kota Kinabalu, this is a great one that covers the must-sees! Enjoy a 2-hour cruise onboard North Borneo Cruises with international buffet dinner, snap insta-worthy photos at the bright yellow National Geographic bridge at Tamparuli Town, buy local snacks and souvenirs at Nabalu Handicraft Market, visit the first Alpaca farm of Malaysia, and the first UNESCO world heritage site in Malaysia, Kinabalu National Park, to catch the majestic sight of Mount Kinabalu. Walk into the Botanical Gardens Nature Trail or challenge yourself at the Canopy Treetop Walk then end your day dipping your tired feet in the Poring Hot Springs.

Kota Kinabalu is the gateway to Mount Kinabalu & Kundasang, and if you’re looking for a challenge, try these out.

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2D1N/3D2N Mount Kinabalu Climb 

For the fit adventure seeker and mountain conqueror, climb Malaysia’s highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu via the Timpohon Trail. Mountain climbers can catch the glorious sunrise from Low’s Peak Summit at 4095.2m above sea level. The sunrise is an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime sight. Experience spending a night above the clouds at Laban Rata Resthouse & Assorted Huts. All that and walk away with a Certificate of Achievement when you have completed the climb.

Things to take note due to Covid-19: 

  • Climbers are only allowed to hike alongside their direct family members to practise social distancing.
  • Only 150 daily climb permits are issued by Sabah Parks for Mount Kinabalu climbs.
  • Children below 12 years old are not allowed to climb Mount Kinabalu.

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ATV Adventure Mount Kinabalu

Adventure seekers can get a thrill exploring Sabah’s highlands and Kundasang on a quad bike. The ride includes a visit to the earthquake historical site as well as a ride round Desa Dairy Farm and through local villages. This is an insta-worthy adventure where riders can take pictures of the majestic Mount Kinabalu on a clear day.

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Gathering Village Kundasang 

The Gathering Village in Kundasang is located on the plateau of Mount Kinabalu at 1,500 meters above sea level with a peaceful environment and an amazing view of Mesilau Highlands and Mount Kinabalu. The chalet can accommodate big groups up to 25 pax and makes a great time for big family gatherings.

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Kinabalu Park & Poring Hotspring (Day trip) 

Visit Malaysia’s most beautiful nature reserve, Kinabalu Park, the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 754 square kilometre park features one the tallest mountains in all of Southeast Asia as its centerpiece - Mount Kinabalu. The park is a centre of diversity with 326 bird species, over 100 mammalian wildlife, and more than 4,500 species of exotic flora and fauna found here. Take a dip in the warm volcanic pools of Poring Hot Spring. Be mesmerised by the breathtaking panoramic views and absorb nature and its diversities.

Things to take note of due to Covid-19:-

  • Only a maximum of 250 visitors at one time are allowed to enter Poring Hot Spring and 150 visitors for Kinabalu Park. Waiting time might be required in the event that the attraction is full.
  • Canopy Walk attraction remains open while hot spring pools and other attractions are unavailable until further notice.
  • Entry to Kinabalu Park via personal or company vehicles is allowed however, it is compulsory to use the Sabah Parks' official vehicle (KOKTAS) for any transfers to Timpohon Gate. Do expect a longer waiting time due to limited vehicles available.

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After the wonders of the tropical rainforest and the majestic Mount Kinabalu, Sabah has more to offer and leave you wanting. Let us head to the tropical haven that is Semporna and her surrounding islands.

Sabah as a dive destination is unparalleled, unmatched and uncontested. With a cluster of pristine islands to choose, all surrounded by crystal clear waters and the richest marine habitats with hundreds of fishes and coral species in the ecosystem. 

Sipadan Island

If you only had time for one island, let it be Sipadan. Spectacular Sipadan Island, meaning “Border Island” is located off the east coast of Sabah. It is the only oceanic island in Malaysia formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcanic cone rising 600 metres from the seabed. Voted as “The Top Dive Destination in the World” in Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine Gold List, it has uncountable species of marine life and corals in its ecosystem. There is no longer accommodation available on Sipadan Island but you can stay on some of the nearby islands or on the mainland in Semporna Town.

Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort

A really short boat ride from Sipadan and Mabul Islands, but a whole different environment from them lies the unique and luxurious Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort. Occupying chalets on wood stilts built over the sea, this beautiful resort with a dive centre sits on the edge of the sandbar of Kapalai.

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Borneo Divers Resort Mabul

Mabul Island, is located 15 km away from Sipadan Island, an exquisite diving destination. As lodging in Sipadan Island is no longer permitted, Mabul Island has become a popular island for accommodations and diving while waiting for a permit to Sipadan.

The island is a flat sandbar surrounded by a shallow coral reef system where the seabed surrounding the reef slopes out to a depth of 25 m to 30 m. It is a picture perfect tropical island with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees and two fishing villages.

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Seaventures Dive Rig

Seaventures Dive Rig is a scuba diving resort located just off Mabul Island and is a short boat ride to Sipadan Island. It is the world’s first and only converted oil rig turned into a PADI 5-star dive resort and is a great location for beginners who are looking to obtain their diving certification.

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Apart from Mount Kinabalu and Sipadan, Sabah is also famed for the mighty Kinabatangan River. Let’s move on to Sandakan and the Kinabatangan River to explore more of Sabah’s offerings.

Lankayan Island Dive Resort

Lankayan Island is a small pristine coral island located 15 km offshore from Sandakan in the Sulu Sea. The island is shaped like a jewel and what a jewel it is, with its turquoise coloured ocean, swaying casuarinas and fine white sandy beach. Lankayan Island is a diving oasis and is part of the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area where all fishing and harvesting activities are prohibited in order to conserve the jewel that it is. Lankayan is a turtle haven as it is the green and hawksbill turtle nesting spot. It is also known to have the occasional whale shark sighting, a diver’s dream dive companion. Enjoy your stay in the luxury private island resort that is the Lankayan Island Dive Resort.

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2D1N Sandakan - Selingan Turtle Island Escape 

Selingan Turtle Island has one of the oldest turtle hatcheries in the world and is the most important nesting beach and breeding ground for green and hawksbill turtles. Watching sea turtles nesting and hatchlings fumble and race to shore is definitely a magical educational experience. Besides this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can spend the rest of the day on the idealistic island soaking up the sun on the white sandy shores or snorkelling with the diverse marine life.

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Borneo Natural Bilit Sukau Resort or Bilit Adventure Lodge

A 2.5 hour drive from Sandakan takes you to the majestic Kinabatangan River. You can find the authentic Borneo Natural Bilit Sukau Resort and Bilit Adventure Lodge located on the lower Kinabatangan River. This wondrous location comes with timeless highlights of a river cruise on the Kinabatangan where you can spot wildlife like proboscis monkeys, birds, crocodiles and orangutans. Remember to bring along your safari outfits for great photos.

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The last location but definitely not the least, is remotely located away from human habitation. Approximately 80km away from Lahad Datu city, you will reach the untouched paradise known as Danum Valley Conservation Area.

Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge

The multiple award-winning eco-lodge, The Borneo Rainforest Lodge, sits along the flowing Danum River and offers visitors of all ages an extraordinary experience - luxury amidst a rainforest jungle. This enchanted forest serves as a natural home for the unimaginable number of plants and wildlife species such as banteng, clouded leopards, orangutans, slow loris, proboscis monkeys and the endangered Bornean pygmy elephant.

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Sabah, the undisputed top travel destination for 2022. A destination that keeps giving, a destination complete with everything, a destination you will be repeating, a destination way beyond what we have shared. Make your way to sublime Sabah and start your love affair with this beautiful state in Malaysia with!